West Virginia University
John & Mildred Peluso Italian American Scholarship

(Please type and submit five copies)

 Biographical Information


1.  Name:_________________________________________________________
                 Last                                First                        Middle
2.  Permanent Mailing Address:


                 City                   County                State                 Zip
3.  High School:


    Name of School                                          Principal's Name
    Street                                                       Phone
    City                               County                   State              Zip
4.  Parent's or Guardian's Name/s:


    Father's Last                   First                      Middle
    Mother's Last                   First                      Middle
5.  Father's/Guardian's Occupation:_____________________________________
     Mother's/Guardian's Occupation:____________________________________
6.  Academic Information:


7.  List your local newspaper:_________________________________________

                 City                   County                State                 Zip

8.  Intended Major:__________________________________________________
9.  Highest degree you intend to pursue:________________________________

10.  E-Mail: ____________________________________




    Signature                                                       Date

Following the guidelines for each question below, please TYPE your responses using your own format.
10. List prizes, honors, and awards in high school scholastic, honor, professional, athletic, and other societies.  Do not use abbreviations.  Indicate dates of activity and nature of your involvement.
11. Other High School Activities:  List involvement and other extracurricular activities (including memberships or offices held) while in high school.  Indicate dates of activity and nature of your involvement.
12.  Community and Service Activities:  List important community and voluntary service activities that are non-school related.  Indicate dates of activity and nature of your involvement.
13.  Please list your employment positions, including academic year and part-time or summer employment.  Begin with your latest position.  Indicate dates, position, name of employer, and any additional information you want the committee to consider.
14.  In 350 words or less, please prepare an essay about your family.
15.  In 350 words or less, please prepare an essay about what your Italian
American heritage means to you.
16. Attach a copy of your high school transcript.
Send five copies of the application portfolio postmarked by April 15 to:

     Dr. Dennis M. Ruscello, Chair

     John & Mildred Peluso Scholarship Committee

     PO Box 6122

     West Virginia University

     Morgantown, WV 26506-6122

Regarding questions, please contact:
  • Dr. Dennis Ruscello, Chair
  • Phone:  304-293-2894
  • E-Mail:  Dennis.Ruscello@mail.wvu.edu